ACTually is a game segment that tests the originality and wit of the Eat Bulaga! hosts when it comes to acting out clever uses for normal everyday objects.

The hosts are divided into two teams. After the introduction of the specific object, each team must think of and act out a new function of that object by realizing what other items it might resemble.

Not only does the word ACT in the segment's title refer to the mechanics of the segment, but the letters A, C, and T also stand for acting, creativity, and teamwork, which are necessary skills that each team must have for the game.

ACTually is a reincarnation of the special, one-time 2005 segment, I Object, Your Honor, and its 2015 revival, I Object, #NasaanAngHustisya?. Unlike its predecessors, ACTually was turned into a weekly Saturday segment.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The blue team uses a dustpan as a selfie stick.

The hosts are divided into two teams: the blue team and the yellow team.

The blue team is led by Baste. Members of the blue team are Wally Bayola, Anjo Yllana, Pia Guanio, Allan K, and Jose Manalo. The yellow team of is led by Ryzza Mae Dizon. Members of the yellow team are Luane Dy, Ryan Agoncillo, Ruby Rodriguez, Paolo Ballesteros, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza. From time to time, the members of each team are told to switch sides in case there is not enough members for one team.

The game has a total of three rounds. In each round, both teams are given one specific object. Each group will take turns to think of and to act out a clever use for that object by realizing what other objects it might resemble. For instance, a closed umbrella roughly resembles a sword or a walking cane. The team must then act out its new function.

The yellow team uses a rubber tire as an engagement ring for their scene.

In the first and second rounds, each team must perform three scenes for each of their clever ideas. In the third round, each team must perform five scenes. Each scene has a time limit of twenty seconds. In the end of the scene, the team members must state the word "Actually" followed by the clever use of the item.

At the end of each round, the judges decide which team had the cleverest and funniest ideas. Tito Sotto and Jimmy Santos along with thirty-nine members of the audience are the judges of the game, raising a placard labeled blue or yellow. Whichever team gets the most votes wins the round.

In the first and second rounds, the winning team is awarded 20 points while the losing team is awarded 10 points. In the third round, the winning team is awarded 60 points while the losing team is awarded 30 points. Therefore, if one team loses the first two rounds, then that team still has a chance to win the game.

Hosts[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of hosts who have handled the segment at some point in its run. This includes main, co-, substitute, and one-time presenters.

Hosts[edit | edit source]

  • Vic Sotto

  • Joey de Leon

  • Tito Sotto

Blue Team[edit | edit source]

  • Baste Granfon (14 episodes)
  • Allan K (10 episodes)
  • Pia Guanio (4 episodes)
  • Paolo Ballesteros (3 episodes)
  • TMB Jon (1 episode)
  • Boobay (guest)

  • Anjo Yllana (13 episodes)
  • Luane Dy (6 episodes)
  • Ruby Rodriguez (4 episodes)
  • Alden Richards (2 episodes)
  • TMB Kenneth (1 episode)
  • Kakai Bautista (guest)

  • Jose Manalo (13 episodes)
  • Ryan Agoncillo (6 episodes)
  • Wally Bayola (4 episodes)
  • Sinon Loresca (2 episodes)
  • TMB Tommy (1 episode)
  • Ryza Cenon (guest)

Yellow Team[edit | edit source]

  • Ryzza Mae Dizon* (14 episodes)
  • Alden Richards (8 episodes)
  • Luane Dy (7 episodes)
  • Allan K (3 episodes)
  • TMB Miggy (1 episode)
  • Ruffa Gutierrez (guest)

  • Maine Mendoza (12 episodes)
  • Paolo Ballesteros (8 episodes)
  • Ruby Rodriguez (7 episodes)
  • Pauleen Luna (2 episodes)
  • Boobsie Wonderland (guest)

  • Pia Guanio (9 episodes)
  • Wally Bayola (8 episodes)
  • Ryan Agoncillo (4 episodes)
  • TMB Kim (1 episode)
  • Cai Cortez (guest)

* as Boss Madam and herself

Judges (Acting Board)[edit | edit source]

  • Tito Sotto

  • Jimmy Santos

  • Pauleen Luna

Props Presenters[edit | edit source]

  • Sinon Loresca
  • TMB Joel
  • TMB Kim

  • MMP 2017 Julia Gonowon
  • TMB Jon
  • TMB Miggy

  • MMP Shiara Dizon
  • TMB Kenneth
  • TMB Tommy

Results[edit | edit source]

Date Round Yellow Team Prop / Score Blue Team
13 January 2018
1 electric fan pangtakip ng ulam (food cover)
contact lens
beto-beto (carnival game) military helmet
bilao (winnowing basket) stethoscope
2 ultrasound transducer bolster pillow
banana boat
saging (banana) espasol
bamboo pole punching bag
3 laptop suitcase
mahjong tile
camera sabon (soap)
cellphone make up
libro (book) Bossing's Savings
wheelchair door-to-door salesman's bag
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
20 January 2018
1 wig (referring to the lid) kaserola (casserole)
sea lion stage
basketball basket and frisbee gong
arinola (chamber pot) defibrillator
2 Harry Potter's broom mop
make up brush
barbecue brush thermometer
penitensya (penance whip) cotton buds
3 stamp kabayo (ironing board)
slide cellphone
garden shears stretcher
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
27 January 2018
1 singsing (wedding ring) salbabida (lifesaver)
hula hoop parrot circle
Lucky Juan ring basketball ring
2 skipping rope extension cord
dental floss
computer mouse tug of war rope
fireman hose sampayan (clothesline)
3 microphone laundry basket
didal (thimble) birthday cake
banga (jar) korona (pageant crown)
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
3 February 2018
1 bangs walis tambo (tambo broom)
eyelash extension
Tahitian skirt tennis racket
buntot ng peacock (peacock tail) pamaypay (hand fan)
2 tennis racket kawali (frying pan)
Captain Kawali (made up superhero)
kutsarita (teaspoon) nawawalang bato (missing rock)
magnifying lens kulugo (wart)
3 eye drop lalagyan ng tubig (water gallon)
trumpo (top) trumpet
feeding bottle rolling pin
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Yellow Team Prop / Score Blue Team
10 February 2018
1 helmet (acted out as a bearskin) timba/balde (pail)
lata ng tumbang preso (can)
spirit of the glass (ouija board) pasabog (explosive)
tuka ng manok (chicken's beak) busal (muzzle)
2 Lucky Juan bottle fire extinguisher
scuba diving (scuba tank)
Ghostbusters proton pack battering ram
insecticide oxygen tank
3 pusit (squid) payong (umbrella)
saranggola (kite)
snorkel golf club
flash ng camera (camera flash) roleta (roulette)
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
17 February 2018
1 doughnut gulong (tire)
engagement ring
halo ring light
salbabida (lifesaver) barbell weight
2 twirling baton toilet brush
make up brush
magic wand microphone
wiper sagwan (oar)
3 poso (manual water pump) pitsel (pitcher)
pangkadkad ng yelo (ice shaver)
urn flashlight
megaphone nebulizer
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
24 February 2018
1 bowling ball buko (coconut)
bawang (firecracker) Darna's stone
ice cream pigsa (boil)
2 siyansi (spatula) dust pan
pang-ahit (razor)
pangkamot (back scratcher) offertory basket
selfie stick kambyo (stick shift)
3 tinikling poles stepladder
saklay (crutch)
tent tripod
riles (train tracks) tiyani (tweezers)
rehas (prison bars) jalousie window
swimming pool ladder slide
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Yellow Team Prop / Score Blue Team
3 March 2018
1 karayom (sewing needle) pala (shovel)
kutsara (spoon)
Indian pana (bow and arrow) fly swatter
pamalo ng palayok (hitting stick) scooter (used with an ironing board)
2 largabista (binoculars) skateboard
tongue depressor
bandage palaka (frog tongue)
seesaw jetpack
3 panghigop ng laway (saliva ejector) vacuum cleaner
bar code reader eggplant in an eggplant relay
cobra gasoline pump
lobo (balloon) lunch box and straw
speedboat motor elepante (elephant)
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
10 March 2018
1 flying carpet yoga mat
red carpet
telescope scroll
matador's red cloth lumpiang ubod
2 Pac-Man floor sign
nail cutter
paru-paro (butterfly) sipit (clothes pin)
pampatangos ng ilong (nose job) shield ng pulis (ballistic shield)
3 race car shopping cart
Chinese New Year dragon head
mouse trap ihawan (grill)
karosa (float) gurney
Blue Team won, 100–50
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
17 March 2018
1 picture frame clothes rack
limbo bar
bistay ng buhangin (sand sieve) plantsa (clothes iron)
kabaong (coffin, used as the head part) hurdles
2 embudo (funnel) andador (wooden baby walker)
busal (pet cone) search light
trumpo (top) lamp shade
3 telepono (rotary dial telephone) plantsa at elesi (clothes iron and fan propeller)
manibela at walkie talkie (steering wheel and walkie talkie)
motor at elesi (outboard motor and boat propeller) remote controlled drone
defibrillator and ceiling fan frisbee at daga (frisbee and a rat)
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Yellow Team Prop / Score Blue Team
24 March 2018
1 kabibe (clam shell) duyan (hammock)
prichon (fried roasted pork)
kangaroo barrel man
wallet jai alai cesta
2 toilet bowl silya (monobloc chair)
ticket booth
chariot confessionary
machine gun bus driver seat
3 DJ turntable at eye cover headphones at batya (laundry tub)
silya elektrika (electric chair)
kawali (frying pan) at tongs oxygen tubing
drum at pompyang (drum and cymbals) posas at ilaw (handcuffs and interrogation light)
gong at ilaw ng camera (gong and camera light) mouthpiece at bell
wedding (?) seatbelt and hub cap
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
7 April 2018
1 duyan (hammock) grocery basket
computer mouse
ice drop pangkadkad ng yelo (ice shaver)
2 sunny side up sumbrero (brim hat)
frisbee door bell
3 tapete (billiard table cloth) at cue ball gym ball at kumot (blanket)
E.T. at buwan (E.T. covered in cloth and the moon) kulangot (booger) at tissue
Yellow Team won, 100–50
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
14 April 2018
1 Pac-Man barbecue grill
polbera (baby powder case)
stroller and umbrella (grill's lid) telepono (telephone)
dumbell (lid attached to the base) planggana (two laundry basins)
2 pabitin (party game with hanging prizes) Mark Andaya at mga sipitan (clothes pins)
cowboy at kabayo (cowboy hat and horse) poste (light post)
ouija board at kapre (ouija board glass and a tree giant) Lucky Juan (bottle and ring)
3 bazooka at banyo (bazooka and bathroom door) lamesa (monobloc table)
shield at batuta (ballistic shield and policeman's baton)
arko ng Santacruzan (arc used in Santacruzan parade) chopsticks at serving tray
Singkil (Singkil bamboo poles and umbrella) pasukan sa MRT (MRT turnstile and train ticket)
Blue Team won, 90–60
Date Round Blue Team Prop / Score Yellow Team
28 April 2018
1 trampoline bonbon bed (folding bed)
seesaw hang glider
2 King Kong swimfins/flippers
bibe (duck)
puppet show false eyelashes
3 mahjong (mahjong tiles) at wheelchair trolley at softdrink cases
jenga at delivery ng gasul (trolley)
Yellow Team won, 100–50

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mathematically, winning the third round wins the game, no matter what the results are in the first two. A team can win the first two rounds and lead 40–20, but the last round gives a 30-point advantage for the winner.
  • Out of the 14 total episodes of ACTually, Blue and Yellow teams split the results with 7 wins a piece. However, Yellow team earned more points, 1,110–990, partly due to the AlDub influence on fans.
  • Individually, 5 hosts got 7 wins. Alden, Baste, Maine, Paolo and Ryzza had the most wins in the segment, but Alden did it in only 10 episodes. He also has the fewest losses among regular players with 3, and the highest winning percentage at 70%. On the other hand, Allan and Pia had the most losses with 8, and the lowest winning percentage among regulars with 38%.
  • Jose portrays his usual character in games of being a complainer (dubbed as "Boy Protesta") who frequently appeals to the judges and hosts because he thinks his team is always cheated by the other team. He also rallies that his team's jokes were better and original and only loses because of the big number of Maine and Alden's fans.
  • Aside from Baste and Ryzza who were leaders of their teams, three hosts never went to the opposing side. Anjo and Jose stayed in the Blue team for all their 13 episodes, while Maine (who admits her favorite color is yellow) is on the Yellow team in all her 12 appearances.
  • Entering the third round of the 27 January 2018 episode, the score was 40–20 in favor of the Yellow team. When the last round votes were revealed, Yellow team won in the slimmest of margins, 20–19, and won the game. There was no explanation why there were only 39 votes since there should be a total of 40 (39 audience members and Jimmy). If the third round result went in favor of Blue team, they could have stolen the game.
  • On the 3 February 2020 episode, a draw of lots was performed for choosing Baste and Ryzza's teammates on Blue and Yellow teams. Interestingly, the first four picks went to their same previous teams. Before this episode, players' teams were pre-determined. The draw of lots only lasted for two editions, and returned to pre-determined lineups.
  • On the 10 March 2018 episode, a blindside switch was done to even out the number of players per team (Blue has 5 and Yellow has 7). Blue team received 3 players in exchange of their own 2. As result, Ruby and Luane, who were on the Yellow team for all their 7 appearances each, both went to the Blue team for their first time. Tito Sotto jokingly commented on the Blue transferees as "patapon" (going to waste) because Yellow team (on paper) had the better side in the trade, and Jose expected it would happen.
  • The Dabarkads Awards 2018 ceremony was done in the middle of the 7 April 2018 episode.
  • The 24 February 2018 and 17 March 2018 episodes of ACTually were replayed in full on Saturday, 9 May 2020 and Thursday, 4 June 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in the suspension of all live shows, Eat Bulaga! opted to replay throwback videos of some of its most iconic segments from way back in the past.
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