Bebot 2005 is a one-day beauty pageant that was held on 12 November 2005. It is the first-ever edition of the iconic beauty pageant featuring the hosts of Eat Bulaga! dressed in drag. The contestants flaunt their beauty, talent, and wit to compete for the crown and the pageant title.

Precious Paola Nicole Ballesteros (Paolo Ballesteros) was crowned as the first-ever grand winner of the Bebot beauty pageant. Kimchi Changson (Anjo Yllana) placed as first runner-up, while Janina Samantha Gibbs (Janno Gibbs) won as the second runner-up.

In the first edition, only the co-hosts of Eat Bulaga! participated in the competition. But due to the public's popular demand, future editions invited other male celebrities to compete in the pageant as well.


Contestant selection

Six male co-hosts of Eat Bulaga! who are willing to dress in drag were asked to join and compete in the segment. They transformed into "bebots" with the help of some professional makeup and wardrobe artists and competed under witty stage names. The Dabarkads who took on the challenge included Paolo Ballesteros, Wally Bayola, Keempee de Leon, Janno Gibbs, Francis Magalona, and Anjo Yllana.  

The six contestants were paired with a female Eat Bulaga! co-host to act as their manager. The managers helped them prepare for the competition.

Main pageant


Bebot contestants

The very first edition of the Bebot beauty pageant was held on Saturday, 12 November 2005.

The six candidates underwent a talent portion and a question-and-answer portion. After the introductory walk, the contestants then provided impressive performances in the talent portion. Their intelligence and wit were then tested in the question-and-answer portion with the hosts providing a different question to each of the contestants.

Precious Paola Nicole Ballesteros was hailed as the first-ever grand winner of the Bebot pageant after receiving the highest score from the judges. She also received the Voter's Choice award after receiving the greatest number of text votes from home viewers.

Janina Samantha Gibbs bagged the title of first runner-up as well as the Best Bebot in Talent award. Kimchi Changson was declared as the second runner-up.


Below is a list of hosts who were involved in the presentation of the segment during its one-day run.

  • Tito Sotto

  • Vic Sotto

  • Joey de Leon


Bebot 2005 Candidates
Contestant Drag Name Manager
Paolo Ballesteros Precious Paola Nicole Ballesteros Ruby Rodriguez
Wally Bayola Blackylou Blanco Gladys Guevarra
Keempee de Leon Myisha Aliyah de Leon Toni Rose Gayda
Janno Gibbs Janina Samantha Gibbs Julia Clarete
Francis Magalona Mikiko Maganda Magalona Teri Onor
Anjo Yllana Kimchi Changson Ciara Sotto

Final results

Contestant Drag Name Result
Paolo Ballesteros Precious Paola Nicole Ballesteros Grand winner
Anjo Yllana Kimchi Changson First runner-up
Janno Gibbs Janina Samantha Gibbs Second runner-up
  Special Awards
Award Contestant Drag Name
Voter's Choice Paolo Ballesteros Precious Paola Nicole Ballesteros
Best Bebot in Talent Janno Gibbs Janina Samantha Gibbs
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