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Bida First: Isang Tawag Ka Lang! is a game segment for homeviewers who must call a phone number in order to win cash prizes. The segment premiered on 24 June 2021 and airs during live episodes of Eat Bulaga!. The show also hosts a special edition of the segment on their YouTube channel.

The title of the segment somewhat resembles the recently concluded Bida Voice: Shy Singing Competition. However, the mechanics of the new segment is completely different as it gives instant prizes to lucky homeviewers.



The hosts in the studio provide a phone number by revealing each of its 11 digits gradually and wittily. Once the entire phone number has been revealed, the first homeviewer who calls the number wins cash and other prizes from the sponsors. Homeviewers may also guess the missing digits before the entire phone number is revealed by the hosts.

Once a lucky caller is able to get through, they must first state the passphrase "Legit Dabarkads ako!" in order to ensure their victory. The lucky winner is then presented with two or three cakes that hold different cash prizes. Once they select one container, the homeviewer wins the cash prize it contains.

Special editions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eat Bulaga! has adapted the lock-in taping strategy in order to film multiple episodes to be released for later telecasts of the noontime program. For Bida First: Isang Tawag Ka Lang!, the segment's producers bank episodes by occasionally airing special editions through the show's YouTube channel.

During those occasions, noontime viewers are advised to tune in after the live regular telecasts of the program, usually at 5 PM, in order to win cash prizes inside the remaining cakes. The special editions are re-aired later as part of the pre-taped episodes of the noontime program. Therefore, viewers of the replay episodes cannot participate in the game.

42nd anniversary edition

The special anniversary edition occurred on 30 and 31 July 2021.

In addition to the cash prizes, sponsors of the program also included additional gifts inside the containers. In one of the cakes, the lucky homeviewer won ₱31,970 as well as ₱100,000 wallet credits for the Lazada e-commerce site. In the second cake, the homeviewer will receive a monthly cash prize of ₱19,790 for eight months (for a total value of ₱158,320). The third cake features various appliances from Hanabishi as well as ₱42,420. The final cake contains ₱33,470 from Eat Bulaga! as well as ₱42,000 from Coca-Cola and one year supply of their products (total cash of ₱75,470).

Reversal of roles

On 10 September 2021, the hosts called a 72-year-old avid Eat Bulaga! viewer named Dolly Villarin Langitan of Camarines Sur who has been recording the details of the noontime show's episodes in her logbook since her retirement in 2009. In the special episode, Lola Dolly won ₱35,120.


Below is a list of hosts who have handled the segment at some point in its run.

Studio hosts

Remote hosts/digit presenters

One-time guest performers

  • Austin Ong

  • Ceejay Laqui

  • Manly Ocampo