Classroom Superstar is a mathematics competition for talented and intelligent elementary students. The host for this segment is Alden Richards.

Each day, three elementary students battle for the title of "Classroom Superstar" by solving basic arithmetic problems: addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The host provides the arithmetic problem, which the students must then write on the whiteboard and solve quickly. Whoever solves the problem the fastest gets a star. The first student to receive three stars gets ₱15,000 and moves on to the jackpot round.

In the jackpot round, there are three math problems written on three separate whiteboard which the winning student must solve within 60 seconds. If the student solves all three arithmetic problems correctly, he or she receives the jackpot prize of ₱20,000. If the student only solves only one or two problems correctly, the student receives ₱5,000 per correct answer. The daily winners then face off in the weekly finals in order to become that week's grand winner.