Dabarkads Pinoy Henyo is an edition of the segment Pinoy Henyo that premiered on 2 March 2015 and continued until 28 March 2015. It is the second season of the Dabarkads Pinoy Henyo series.

Various groups of five friends from all over the country face each other in the daily elimination round of the competition. The daily finalists then compete in the semi-finals. The winning groups from the four weekly finals then automatically advance to the grand finals of the competition.

The daily round of this edition follows the regular format and rules of the original Pinoy Henyo. Two representatives from each friend group will play the classic word-guessing game. Each pair is given a specific word. The pair who correctly guesses the word with the fastest time advances to the jackpot round. In the jackpot round, the winning pair must take turns to correctly guess any three of the ten words provided in under three minutes.

In the grand finals, each pair is given the same set of ten words that could come from any category. The pairs must take turns to guess as much words as they can in under three minutes. Pairs can opt to pass, but they cannot return to those skipped words. Whichever pair guesses the most words wins the game. In case of a tie in the number of words, the time when the first word is guessed will be the deciding factor of the winner. Whichever pair guesses the first word the fastest ultimately wins the tournament.   

The groups who competed in the grand finals were Gravity All Stars, Pink Masculados, E. Stars Squad, and Wise Table.

Wise Table was hailed as the winners of the competition after guessing six words within 2 minutes 49 seconds. They received a trophy and a vacation package to Boracay worth ₱200,000.

Grand Finals
Group Words Time Time of First Word
Gravity All Stars 2 2:59.31 1:45.31
Pink Masculados 4 2:53.46 2:01.76
E. Stars Squad 1 2:30.40 2:30.40
Wise Table 6 2:49.50 0:26.25
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