EB Babes is a segment that is the search for the next resident dance group of Eat Bulaga! that replaced the SexBomb Girls.

After the SexBomb Girls were pulled off the show by their manager due to a conflict with the show's producer, Eat Bulaga! decided to create a reality competition to search for female dancers who will become part of its new in-house dance group called the EB Babes. The ten winners of the competition became the original members of the new dance group that officially debuted in the show in August 2006.[41]

A second edition was held in February 2008 after one of the original members left the group due to pregnancy. The competition brought in three new members to the group to replace the vacant slot as well as to further expand the dance group.[42]

As of present, there are 3 original members left, as some of them either joined other groups, married and in the case of EB Babe Maiko, she died in a drowning accident.

April 2006

June 19, 2006- first week of semi-finals

June 27, 2006 - second week of semi finals

July 2006


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