Junior Pinoy Henyo is an edition of the segment Pinoy Henyo that premiered on 7 January 2012 and continued until 2 June 2012.

Pairs of elementary school students from different private and public elementary schools across the Philippines face each other in the weekly elimination round of the competition. They then undergo a series of elimination rounds before being narrowed down into nine pairs in the semi-finals. The contestants are further narrowed down into four pairs who competed in the grand finals of the competition.

The weekly elimination round of this edition follows the regular format and rules of the original Pinoy Henyo. The pair who correctly guessed the word with the fastest time advanced to the jackpot round. In the jackpot round, the winning pair must take turns to correctly guess any three of the ten words provided in under three minutes.

The grand finals of the competition follows the core format of the jackpot game of a typical daily round. Pairs are given ten words from two categories. One player is assigned the category "Lugar" while the other player is assigned the category "Tao". Each pair must take turns to correctly guess the words from their own category as quickly as possible in under three minutes. Pairs can opt to pass, but they cannot return to those skipped words. The pair who guesses the most words wins the tournament. In case of a tie in the number of words, the time when the first word is guessed will be the deciding factor of the winner. Whichever pair guesses the first word the fastest ultimately wins the game.

The educational institutions who competed in the grand finals were Paco Catholic School, Juan Luna Elementary School, Itaas Elementary School, and Young Shepherd's School.

Fifth grade students Aubrey Jane Ambrosio and Alyanna "Yanna" Cosme of Paco Catholic School were hailed as the winners of the competition after guessing eight words within 2 minutes 4 seconds. They received ₱300,000 in cash prize and a trophy. Meanwhile, another ₱500,000 was given to their elementary school.

The winning pair then faced the other two grand winners of the 2012 Pinoy Henyo: Intercollegiate Edition and 2011 Pamilyang Pinoy Henyo in a special edition titled Pinoy Henyo: Battle of the Champions. It was held on 7 July 2012.

Grand Finals
Pair Educational Institution Words Time Completed Time of First Word
Aubrey Ambrosio
Alyanna Cosme
Paco Catholic School 8 2:04.37 0:40.26
Alexander Rosete
Benhur Queqquegan
Juan Luna Elementary School 6 2:35.68 1:24.75
Jamie Macasinag
Irene Herradura
Itaas Elementary School 1 1:58.64 1:58.64
Kiel Olarve
Kien Olarve
Young Shepherd's School 5 2:20.81 0:58.57

Trivia Edit

  • Kiel and Kien Olarve of Young Shepherd's School set a one of the fastest Pinoy Henyo records after guessing the word "necklace" within 6.15 seconds.
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