"Kaputol Ng Buhay" is the second Holy Monday episode of the 2016 edition of the annual drama anthology Eat Bulaga's Lenten Special. It succeeds the episode "Dalangin ng Ama" in the Monday lineup. The episode aired on 21 March 2016 with a total runtime of 48 minutes.

Each year, the anthology replaces the noontime show's regular programming in observance of the solemnity of Holy Week. Standalone episodes of short dramas are shown from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday, with each episode having different characters, story, and director.

It is topbilled by Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, and Maine Mendoza who reprised their roles in the segment Kalyeserye. Although an important part of Kalyeserye, Alden Richards' character was omitted from the story to divert the focus away from AlDub and instead to provide the spotlight on the sisterhood of Lola Nidora, Lola Tidora, and Lola Tinidora.

The episode is directed by Jose Rowell Ikamen.


The scene opens with Divina (Maine Mendoza) and her three Lolas doing the traditional Pabasa ng Pasyon with their amigas. Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) reminds Divina to pass on the tradition to her future children and grandchildren.

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Divina and the two Lolas witness Lola Tinidora collapse on the ground

After the Pabasa, Divina and her Lolas go to eat at their garden. Ignoring her high blood pressure, Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo) loses consciousness after insisting on eating barbecue and other favorite food. She collapses and sprains her wrist. Thinking that she is on the verge of death, Lola Tinidora begins to fear for her life and changes how she treats her sisters.

Meanwhile, Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) look back on their younger years with Lola Tinidora and their bond as sisters. In one of their stories, Lola Tidora shares how she covered up for Lola Tinidora who was trying to sneak out from their home in the wee hours.

Divina comes back from a trip with her friends and brings Lola Tinidora her favorite delicacy. However, Lola Tinidora's change of mood begins to affect her relationship with everyone including Divina. The other two Lolas asks Divina to be more patient towards Lola Tinidora and to understand what she is going through at the moment.

Conflict arises when Lola Tinidora loses patience with her sister Lola Tidora. Lola Nidora asks both her sisters to calm down after a heated exchange. Lola Tinidora then reflects on her actions while praying. She wakes up in the middle of the night with her sisters and Divina sleeping next to her.

After her reflection, Lola Tinidora goes back to her jolly self and prepares breakfast for her sisters and her grandchild. The four of them express their love for each other with a group hug.


Main cast

  • Jose Manalo as Lola Tinidora
  • Wally Bayola as Lola Nidora
  • Paolo Ballesteros as Lola Tidora/Mama
  • Maine Mendoza as Divina/young Nidora

Also starring

  • Charlhone Petro as doctor
  • Molly Baylon as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • AJ Lizardo as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Kristine Joy Saludo as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Maricorn Mangampo as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Kristine Relloso as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Aizel Moneva as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Carmelene Gonzales as Yaya Dub's classmate
  • Monica Eguia as Yaya Dub's classmate


Dabarkads Awards

Year Category Nominated Work/Artist Result
2016 Best Story of the Year "Kaputol ng Buhay" Nominated
Dabarkads Choice Award "Kaputol ng Buhay" Nominated
Most Dramatic Performance of a Lead Star Jose Manalo Nominated
Wally Bayola Nominated
Paolo Ballesteros Nominated
Darling of the Screen Award Paolo Ballesteros Nominated

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