Kaya Mo 'To!?! is a word-guessing quiz segment aired sometime between 2004 and 2005. The segment takes its inspiration from American television game shows such as Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

The maximum jackpot prize of the game segment is ₱1 million.

Overview Edit

The game is divided into three rounds and begins with five contestants.

In the first round, each contestant must guess a word. The hosts provide five clues of increasing ease and knowability and of decreasing score value. As new clues are provided by the hosts, the chances of the contestant to provide a response also increases. In other words, the first clue is difficult and perplexing but is worth 50 points, while the last clue is easy and obvious but is worth the least points. The following table shows the full scoring system for the first round.

Round 1 Point System
Points Time Chances
Clue 1 50 5 seconds 1
Clue 2 40 10 seconds 2
Clue 3 30 15 seconds 3
Clue 4 20 30 seconds

The two players with the most points advance to the next round.

In the second round, the two players must guess the same set of words within one minute. The players are placed inside separate soundproof booths so Only one clue is given by the hosts for each word. The player with the most words guessed goes to the jackpot round.

The jackpot round is a regular quiz round that has a similar format as the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In the jackpot round, the player must pick a category from the four choices where all of his questions in the jackpot round will come from.

The player is given a panel of three celebrities as a lifeline to aid him or her with difficult questions. Called the Department of Help (DOH), the player may only use his lifeline two times. The timer is temporarily paused if the player decides to use the DOH.

The player must correctly answer all of the questions in the jackpot round in order to win the maximum jackpot prize of ₱1 million.

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