Keri Mo Tr3s?! is a one-day challenge segment for three groups of celebrity players who will compete in two rounds of challenging stunts.

The groups are divided based on their gender: the all-female Babe, the all-male Pre, and the all-gay Teh. The first round involves an obstacle course that the group must complete. The second round is a challenge that involves transferring frogs, eels, or cockroaches from one container to another. The group with the most points wins.

Keri Mo Tr3s?! is one of the two spin-offs from the segment Keri Mo Teh?!.

Overview Edit

The segment has two rounds of challenging stunts with four stations for each round. Each member of the group is assigned to complete each of the first three stations. One member is assigned to complete the first station, the second member is assigned to the second station, and the third member is assigned to the third station. In the fourth station, all three members are needed to complete the final challenge.

The first round is an obstacle course with four stations that the three groups must each complete. In the first station called "Head Shoot", the first player must throw as much balls as they can inside the container that is placed above their head. In the second station called "Of Course, Golf Course", the second player must blow as many plastic golf balls as they can across the golf course table into the hole at the end of the table. In the third station called "Free Throw", the third player must shoot as much ping-pong balls as they can into the mini basketball hoop by first bouncing it on table. In the final station called "Jump Brother, Jump", the three players must join together and hop across the playing field with bouncy exercise balls between each of their legs. The team with the most points wins the round.

The second round involves transferring live creatures across the playing field from one container to another. In the first station, the first player must transfer eels from one container to another. The second player must transfer frogs in the second station, while the third player must transfer cockroaches in the third station. In the fourth station, the group must join together to grab chips inside a snake-filled container. The group with the most points wins the round.

The group with the highest number of cumulative points wins the game.

Group Members Points
Round 1 Round 2 Total
Teh Allan K
Teri Onor
Ate Gay
280 610 890
Pre Michael V.
Fabio Ide
Daniel Matsunaga
370 460 830
Babe Pia Guanio
Ehra Madrigal
Iza Calzado
120 100 220

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