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Throughout the show's four decades on television, the logo of Eat Bulaga! has continually evolved in order to reflect the changing times as well as the shifting tastes of the Filipino masses. The following images chronicle the various logos used by Eat Bulaga! from RPN-9 to ABS-CBN to GMA-7.

July 1979–July 1983 (Original launch era)

Eat Bulaga! first aired on 30 July 1979. Its first logo mostly uses warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) with some use of the colors green and blue. The number '9' logo of RPN is featured on the top right corner.


July 1983–February 1989 (DOMSAT era)

With Coney Reyes joining as a new host, Eat Bulaga! modified its logo to include the sketched images of the hosts on top of its new all-red bubbly wordmark. The number '9' logo of RPN was retained alongside the newly added red box logo of the network.


February 1989–January 1995 (ABS-CBN era)

On 17 February 1989, Eat Bulaga! transferred to ABS-CBN and unveiled a brand-new logo. The typeface of 'BULAGA' was mostly retained with some minor alterations to the color gradient. 'EAT' is now written in cursive font with the letter 'E' being capitalized.

17 February 1989–27 January 1995

January 1995–December 1999 (Rainbow Network era)

To mark the transfer of Eat Bulaga! to GMA Network on 28 January 1995, Eat Bulaga! unveiled a new logo featuring three stars popping out of a cooking pot (kaserola). The color and typeface remains similar to its previous ABS-CBN logo with some minor alterations, including the new semi-3D look of the letters. The main title card was used as a break-bumper in the final years of the millennium

28 January 1995–31 December 1999

January 2000–July 2003 (New millennium era)

At the start of the millennium, Eat Bulaga! simplified its logo by removing the three stars and the cooking pot. The show's title received a more three-dimensional look with minor modifications to its font. Its background is dominated by shades of blue.

1 January 2000–26 July 2003

July 2003–November 2004 (SexBomb Girls era)

With the rising popularity of the SexBomb Girls, Eat Bulaga! changed its opening billboard to feature the members of its resident dance group on the logo. The show's title was now written in lower case, with the exception of the letter 'B', in front of a blue and white swirly background.

The SexBomb Girls also performed the remix of the Eat Bulaga! theme song for its new opening billboard.

28 July 2003–26 November 2004

November 2004–October 2005 (Silver special era)

During its 25th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! unveiled a more modern and sleeker design of its logo to accompany its Silver Special OBB. The show's title removed the ellipsis and was now written in blocky lowercase letters, using a modified version of the "Hemi Head" font. The title now featured a white plate as well as the red and yellow 'EB' icon in front of a green background.

27 November 2004–22 October 2005

October 2005–July 2018 (Pinoy Henyo era)

Eat Bulaga! altered the design of its previous logo after releasing a new OBB on 24 October 2005. The color of the plate was changed from white to silver, while the previous lime green background was replaced with a combination of magenta and blue. The title card has since become the longest-used and most iconic logo of Eat Bulaga!, generating many variations throughout the years.

In 2013, Eat Bulaga! released its 'Magbayanihan tayo!' break-bumper in order to promote the bayanihan message of its segment Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d' Pipol. Although the primary logo became less prominent, it was still commonly displayed in the show's studio screen displays and during its YouTube livestream.

The final appearance of the logo and its variations was on 29 July 2019 right before the 40th anniversary celebration of the show, giving way to the 'EB ver. 4.0' logo.

24 October 2005–29 July 2018

July 2018–June 2020 (EB ver. 4.0 era)

On 7 July 2018, Eat Bulaga! unveiled the early version of its rebranded logo to mark the beginning of its year-long 40th anniversary celebration. Instead of the long-form title of the show, the new logo now only featured its initials in red serif typeface along with the words 'ver. 4.0'. On 30 July 2018, an updated three-dimensional version of the logo officially became the opening title card and break-bumper. Variations of the logo without the 'ver. 4.0' were later used from late 2019 until mid-2020.

30 July 2018–6 June 2020

Break-bumpers during the COVID-19 community quarantine period

Beginning on 16 March 2020, replays of old Eat Bulaga! episodes were shown on its noontime timeslot after suspending its live programming to comply with the government's enhanced community quarantine of Metro Manila. New COVID-19 prevention campaign break-bumpers were unveiled featuring several tips as part of the bayanihan effort to combat the spread of the disease. The COVID-19 break-bumpers combine the recent Summer edition sun and the return of the 2013 'Magbayanihan tayo!' slogan.

16 March 2020–12 May 2020

5 May 2020–15 June 2020

June 2020–present (New normal era)

After Eat Bulaga! resumed its live production at the end of the COVID-19 enhanced community quarantine, the noontime show formally dropped the 'ver. 4.0' subtitle from its logo.

8 June 2020–present