Luzia Jannie Dy, widely known as Luane Dy, is a Filipino television host and actress. She currently hosts the noontime show Eat Bulaga! and has been since 2017. 

She first appeared, last May 1, 2017, as a contestant in Jackpot En Poy representing the green team and won against Nelson Canlas and Rhea Santos (the latter is from Unang Hirit, the newscast where Luane is the showbiz host). Then, lately exactly two weeks later, she was permanently the co-host of Eat Bulaga!, in place of Pia Guanio, who was then on maternity leave, then she gave birth to her second child. Guanio returned on October 30, 2017.

The management of Eat Bulaga! has been trying to get her as host in the past but it was not possible due to conflict of schedule, since Balitanghali airs on the same time slot as Eat Bulaga!. After guesting in "Jackpot En Poy" segment of Eat Bulaga!, the management offered her to be a host of Eat Bulaga! and she accepted it. Besides being a host for Eat Bulaga!, she starred on My Carinderia Girl, one of the six 2018 Lenten special of the Eat Bulaga!. She was also part of a web series documenting her temporary off-camera work as location manager for the "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment of Eat Bulaga!.

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