Lucky Juan is a game segment where one lucky member of the studio audience gets a chance to win cash prizes by playing a simple carnival game of ring toss.

Unlike at carnivals, the segment only involves one bottle in the middle of the stage and three rings that are given to the player. The goal of the game is to get any one of the three rings around the bottle. A player who successfully tosses a ring around the bottle wins the segment's jackpot prize.

The segment's primary host is either Alden Richards or Ryan Agoncillo.

Overview Edit


A player prepares to toss the ring after the ten-second countdown

The segment hosts randomly draw a lucky number from a fishbowl-type lottery container. Whoever is holding that number from the studio audience will get a chance to win the day's jackpot prize, which constantly grows if no player from previous days were able to successfully complete the game.

The player is given three colored rings. The goal of the game is to successfully toss and place any one of those three rings around the bottle in the middle of the stage. The player must stand on any spot around the arc-shaped platform that is a fair distance from the center bottle. He or she is only allowed to toss one ring at a time. The player must raise the ring with both of his or her hands and must wait ten seconds before throwing the ring around the bottle. If the ring is thrown before the ten-second countdown, the toss is not counted and cannot be redone.

If the player successfully tosses the ring around the bottle, he or she wins the day's jackpot prize. The jackpot prize returns to its base amount of ₱50,000 the following day.

If the player fails to toss the ring around the bottle after three chances, the hosts randomly select another lucky person from the studio audience. The next player is also given three chances to win the jackpot prize. If the second player is also unsuccessful, the jackpot prize increases ₱10,000 the next day. The jackpot prize grows everyday if no player successfully tosses a ring around the bottle.

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