"Panata" is the second Holy Tuesday episode of the 2016 edition of the annual drama anthology Eat Bulaga's Lenten Special. It succeeds the episode "Walang Kapalit" in the Tuesday lineup. The episode aired on 22 March 2016 with a total runtime of 52 minutes.

Each year, the anthology replaces the noontime show's regular programming in observance of the solemnity of Holy Week. Standalone episodes of short dramas are shown from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday, with each episode having different characters, story, and director.

It is topbilled by Vic Sotto and his real-life children Danica Sotto and Oyo Boy Sotto.

Supporting cast includes Ryzza Mae Dizon, Pauleen Luna, Baste Granfon, Luis Alandy, and Erlinda Villalobos.

The episode is directed by Jose Javier Reyes.


Moises (Vic Sotto) is a well-off businessman who spends his free time distributing food to street children. One of those street children is Sarah (Ryzza Mae Dizon). On his way home, Moises sees Sarah all alone being bullied by other street children for stealing their sleeping spot. With Sarah having nowhere else to go, he decides to take her home.

Teresa (Danica Sotto) and Daniel (Oyo Boy Sotto) discover that their father Moises has brought another orphan into their house. They complain to their father for being too charitable to the less fortunate and insist that Sarah's well-being is not his responsibility. Moises defends his generosity against his spoiled children.

Moises receives a phone call that their company is on the verge of bankruptcy and that his bosses have run away with all of the company's money. Investors storm his house demanding that their investments and commissions be returned immediately. He decides to sell the house and his other properties in order to pay the investors back, leaving his family with no choice but to start over. Moises brings the two orphans with him to their new and smaller apartment.

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Teresa and Daniel help their father distribute food to street children.

Now living in poverty, Moises and his children get into a heated confrontation. Daniel calls his dad a loser because his excessive generosity has brought them nothing in return. Moises punches his son for his disrespectful remarks. He acknowledges that living in poverty is difficult and that he dreams of returning to their previous life. However, helping the less fortunate is his personal vow where he never expects anything in return simply because he believes that it's the right thing to do. He accuses his children of not appreciating his efforts and using him only when they need something.

Daniel and Teresa realize their mistakes after their friends start ignoring them once they lost all of their fortunes. They return home to wholeheartedly apologize to their father. To show their support for their father, both siblings begin to help their father distribute food to street children.


Main cast

  • Vic Sotto as Moises
  • Danica Sotto as Teresa
  • Oyo Boy Sotto as Daniel

Supporting cast

  • Pauleen Luna as Isabel
  • Ryzza Mae Dizon as Sarah
  • Baste Granfon as Luke
  • Luis Alandy as John
  • Erlinda Villalobos as Manang

Also starring

  • Mel Kimura as investor
  • Gary Guarino as investor
  • Rolando Inocencio as Tomas


Dabarkads Awards

Year Category Nominated Work/Artist Result
2016 Best Story of the Year "Panata" Nominated
Dabarkads Choice Award "Panata" Nominated
Darling of the Screen Award Ryzza Mae Dizon Nominated
Exceptional Performance in a Supporting Role Pauleen Luna Won
Breakthrough Artist of the Year Baste Granfon Nominated

Full episode

Eat Bulaga Lenten Special Panata March 22, 2016

Eat Bulaga Lenten Special Panata March 22, 2016

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