Pinoy Henyo: Intercollegiate Edition is an edition of the segment Pinoy Henyo that premiered on 16 May 2011 and continued until 18 June 2011. It is the first edition to feature a single-round style tournament where only one pair is declared as the grand winner.

Sixty-nine pairs from various universities and colleges across the Philippines face each other in the daily elimination round of the competition. Then. they undergo a series of elimination rounds before being narrowed down into eighteen pairs in the semi-finals. The contestants are further narrowed down into six pairs who competed in the grand finals of the competition.

Intercollegiate Original

Alternative title card

The daily round of this edition follows the regular format and rules of the original Pinoy Henyo. In the daily round, three pairs compete against one another by each guessing a word in under two minutes. For each pair, an Eat Bulaga! host who is holding a particular cash prize is assigned to go inside the Pinoy Henyo chamber. If the pair correctly guesses their word within two minutes, they will receive the cash prize held by the Eat Bulaga! host. If the pair fails to guess the word, the Eat Bulaga! host will be drenched in a messy liquid substance and the pair will leave empty-handed. The pair with the fastest time advances to the jackpot round.

In the jackpot round, the winning pair must take turns to correctly guess any three of the ten words provided in under three minutes. The players can opt to pass if they are having difficulty guessing the word. For every word guessed, an additional cash prize is added to their current winnings. The maximum jackpot round winnings is ₱50,000.

The grand finals of the competition follows the same format as the jackpot game of a typical daily round. Pairs are given ten words of a specific category. A lottery will determine each pair's category. Each pair must take turns to correctly guess three words as quickly as possible in under three minutes. Pairs can opt to pass, but they cannot return to those skipped words. The pair with the fastest time wins the game.

The educational institutions who competed in the grand finals are San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Technological University of the Philippines, Rizal Technological University, José Rizal University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Philippine Maritime Institute Colleges.

Dennis Racelis and Dhang Lucelo of Rizal Technological University were the winners of the competition after guessing three words within 50.45 seconds. They received a trophy, two digital camera, two cell phones, two laptops, and ₱300,000 in cash prize.

The winning pair then faced the other two grand winners of the 2011 Pamilyang Pinoy Henyo and the 2011 Pinoy Henyo High: Alumni Edition in a special edition titled Pinoy Henyo: Battle of the Champions. It was held on 31 March 2012.

Grand Finals
Pair Educational Institution Category Words Time
Dennis Racelis
Dhang Lucelo
Rizal Technological University Hayop 3 0:50.45
Andre Tamayo
Rockford Auguis
José Rizal University Pagkain 3 1:22.60
Jun David, Jr.
Jan Ventinilla
Philippine Maritime Institute Colleges Lugar 3 1:37.39
Vhen Cristobal
Joel Mallo
Polytechnic University of the Philippines Hayop 3 2:19.59
Nikka de Torres
Raquel Hipolito
San Sebastian College – Recoletos Tao 2 2:18.64
Regie Rabe
E-Thao Legua, Jr
Technological University of the Philippines Lugar 2 2:19.59

Hosts Edit

Below is a list of hosts who have handled the segment at some point in its run. This includes main, co-, substitute, and one-time presenters.

Hosts Edit

  • Vic Sotto

  • Joey de Leon

  • Anjo Yllana

Technical committee Edit

  • Allan K

  • Pauleen Luna

  • Ruby Rodriguez

Prize holders Edit

  • Jimmy Santos
  • Ruby Rodriguez

  • Toni Rose Gayda
  • Molly Baylon

  • Rose Ann Boleche

Bunot Girl Edit

  • Saida Diola

Results Edit

Color key:
Elimination round
Group had the fastest time and is the winner of the day.
2:00.00 Group did not guess the word and ran out of time.
NOTE: In the "Members" section, the name at the top row denotes the guesser, while the name at the bottom row denotes the clue-giver.

Jackpot round

✔️ Player correctly guessed the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.
🏳️ Player said "PASS" to skip the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.
🛑 Time ran out while trying to guess the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.

Daily rounds Edit

The daily rounds occurred from 20 March to 19 May 2017. The game follows the traditional formal and rules of previous Pinoy Henyo editions. Three child groups, each consisting of three members, compete against one another each day in the elimination rounds. The team with the fastest time advances to the daily jackpot round. Daily winners also advance to the semifinal rounds.

Week of 20 March–25 March
Date University Members Round Results
Elimination Round Jackpot Round
Word Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
16 May 2011
San Sebastian
College – Recoletos
Nikka de Torres Ilocos Norte 0:21.77 🏳️ ✔️ 🏳️ ✔️ 🏳️ 🛑
Raquel Hipolito
Lyceum of the
Philippines University
Kathleen Ramirez bintana 0:36.36
Adea Babaran
University of the East Steph Vertucio Gregorio del Pilar 2:00.00
Veronica Bermas
17 May 2011
Our Lady of Fatima
Joyce Hernandez Miley Cyrus 2:00.00
Phau Masallo
Pamantasan ng
Lungsod ng Maynila
Katie Abesamis parrot 2:00.00
Lianne Leyva
Colegio de San
Juan de Letran
Camille Suarez Negros Oriental 2:00.00
Loraine Miranda
18 May 2011
19 May 2011
20 May 2011
Polytechnic University
of the Philippines
🏳️ ✔️ ✔️ 🏳️ 🏳️ 🛑

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