Pusong Pinoy Henyo is a special Valentine's segment that premiered on 11 February 2014 and concluded on 4 March 2014. It is the first season of the Pusong Pinoy Henyo series.

Pairs of newlywed couples competed against each other in the daily rounds. The daily winners then face one another in the weekly finals. The three weekly finalists will ultimately compete in the grand finals of the competition.

In the grand finals, the three pairs who won in the weekly finals are given different set of ten words from any category. Players of each pair must guess as much words as they can within the three-minute time limit. Pairs can opt to pass, but they cannot return to those skipped words. The pair with the most number of words wins the game. In case of a tie in the number of words, the time when the first word is guessed will be the deciding factor of the winner. Whichever pair guesses the first word the fastest ultimately wins the game.

The three couples who competed in the competition were Ace and Danlyn Calubayan, Carlos and Analiza Bundalian, and Gobs and Thea Aswani.

Gobs Aswani and Thea Aswani were the winning couple of the competition after guessing five words within 2 minutes 41 seconds. They received a trophy and ₱100,000 in cash prize.

The daily round of this edition follows the regular format and rules of the original Pinoy Henyo. The pair who correctly guesses the word with the fastest time advances to the jackpot round. In the jackpot round, the winning pair must take turns to correctly guess any three of the ten words provided in under three minutes.

Overview Edit

Grand Finals
Pair Words Time Time of First Word
Gobs Aswani
Thea Aswani
5 2:41.59 1:01.00
Ace Calubayan
Danlyn Calubayan
2 1:57.96 0:39.81
Carlos Bundalian
Analiza Bundalian
3 2:49.03 1:59.87

 Hosts Edit

Below is a list of hosts who have handled the segment at some point in its run. This includes main, co-, substitute, and one-time presenters.

  • Vic Sotto
  • Julia Clarete<p>

  • Joey de Leon
  • Keempee de Leon

  • Ryan Agoncillo

  • Vic Sotto
  • Allan K
  • Baste Granfon
  • Pia Guanio
  • Patricia Tumulak

  • Joey de Leon
  • Ruby Rodriguez
  • Ryzza Mae Dizon
  • Maine Mendoza

  • Ryan Agoncillo
  • Pauleen Luna
  • Alden Richards
  • Luane Dy

Results Edit

Color key:
Elimination round
Group had the fastest time and is the winner of the day.
2:00.00 Group did not guess the word and ran out of time.
NOTE: In the "Members" section, the name at the top row denotes the guesser, while the name at the middle row denotes the clue-giver.
The italicized name at the bottom row is the person placed beside "Henyo Robot".

Jackpot round

✔️ Player correctly guessed the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.
🏳️ Player said "PASS" to skip the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.
🛑 Time ran out while trying to guess the word. Hover over the icon to reveal the word.

Daily rounds Edit

The daily rounds occurred from 20 March to 19 May 2017. The game follows the traditional formal and rules of previous Pinoy Henyo editions. Three child groups, each consisting of three members, compete against one another each day in the elimination rounds. The team with the fastest time advances to the daily jackpot round. Daily winners also advance to the semifinal rounds.

Week of 20 March–25 March
Date Couple Origin Round Results
Elimination Round Jackpot Round
Word Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
12 February 2014
Jerick Samaniego Pateros kalapati 2:00.00
Katherine Samaniego
Jefferson Manjares Pasig City coconut 0:17.68 🏳️ ✔️ 🏳️ ✔️ 🏳️ ✔️
Annah Manjares
Rainnier "Abhet" Ignacio Mandaluyong City buto 2:00.00
Leah "Lhei" Ignacio
13 February 2014
Anthony "Butch" Ocasiones Quezon City tuyo 2:00.00
Elvie "Bing" Ocasiones
Jerico "Coco" Concepcion Quezon City kalamansi 2:00.00
Maria "Con" Concepcion
Carlos "Ariel" Bundalian Baguio Baguio 0:14.43 🏳️ 🏳️ 🏳️ 🏳️ ✔️ ✔️ 🏳️ 🛑
Analiza "Liza" Bundalian

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