Reno's Modern Dance is a 1983 dance contest created by Eat Bulaga! in response to the growing popularity of the new wave genre in the Philippines in the 1980s. (3)-0

Eat Bulaga! created the dance contest after OctoArts International, Inc. released a new wave compilation vinyl album entitled Reno's Modern Dance. Pairs of contestants must perform a dance routine using one of the songs in the compilation album.

The most popular song in the vinyl album used by the performers was the 1982 hit "Lies" by the British band Thompson Twins. Two other common songs that were used by contestants was the 1982 song "Don't Go" by the British synthpop band Yazoo and the 1981 song "Just Can't Get Enough by the English electronic music band Depeche Mode. (2)

Reno's Modern Dance is one of the many dance contests created by the noontime show during the 1980s.

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