SAKMath: Sige! Ano! Kaya Mo? (alternatively stylized as SAKMath: Sige! Ano, kaya mo? or more simply SAKMath) is a challenge segment in which contestants must solve basic arithmetic problems while going through a series of obstacle course. The fastest player wins the game.

This segment may be considered as a spin-off of the 2001 segment Sige!!! Ano...Kaya Mo?!? Sakmo! due to the similarity in the title.

Overview Edit

June 2006–September 2006 Edit

SakMath June 2006

Original title card

The original edition is a daily challenge competition that features contestants attempting to complete an obstacle course.

Along the way, the contestants must solve several basic arithmetic problems from the numbers that they have collected in certain stations.

In the penultimate station, the answer to the arithmetic problem that they must solve plays a big role in the last station, depending on the week's challenge. In some instances, the competitors must transfer creatures such as frogs or snakes from one container to another. The number of creatures that the competitors must transfer depends on the last station's answer to the math problem. In other instances, the competitors must find that certain number within a flour-filled container by blowing on the flour. The competitor with the fastest time wins the game.

February 2015 Edit

SAKMATH 2015 February 14

2015 Title card

The segment was revived on 14 February 2015 as a one-time special Valentine's Day competition for celebrity loveteams. It was titled as SAKMath: Sige! Ano! Kaya Mo? #bumaValentine.

The celebrity loveteams are Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras, Boobay and Navid, and Jose Manalo (as Eddy Gutierrez) and Wally Bayola (as Annabelle Rama).

The competitors must face four stations in the game. They must finish all of the stations within three minutes.

In the first station called #PleaseReleaseMe, the couple is handcuffed as the man must carry his girl to the frog tank. The couple must obtain two numbers from the tank and answer the addition problem formed by the two numbers in order to be released from the handcuff.

In the second station called #StickWithYou, the pair must obtain two numbers from two separate tanks filled with earthworms. The couple must solve the subtraction problem using the two numbers.

The third station is called #TogetherForever. The couple wears a big pair of pants in which each of them must fit inside each of the pant leg. The couple must then jumprope to a table in order to obtain two numbers, which must be multiplied.

In the fourth station called #YourLipsareMoving, the couple must place a heart-shaped paper between their lips and walk across an easy obstacle course with snakes. They must then solve the division problem with the numbers and then eat cake and drink ampalaya juice in the end.

Saturday, 14 February 2015
Couple Time Completed


Barbie Forteza
Andre Paras
3:00 finished at Station 4
eating cake
3:00 finished at Station 4
solving the division problem
Wally Bayola (as Eddy Gutierrez)
Jose Manalo (as Annabelle Rama)
3:00 finished at Station 3
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