Samir Gogna, known professionally as Sam YG (short for Samir Young Guy), and also known as his character Shivaker, is an Indian Filipino radio and television personality. He is the one of the three Boys Night Out hosts on Magic 89.9 along with Tony Toni and Slick Rick. He was also a co-host for Eat Bulaga!. He is also the bestfriend of Alden richards.


In 2003, 19-year-old Samir Gogna successfully auditioned for the Junior Jock program of Magic 89.9. Being the youngest among the Junior Jocks, his bosses nicknamed him "Young Guy", which he adopted into his radio name, Sam YG (Samir Young Guy).[2]

After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University, Gogna worked with several television networks including HeroStudio 23's Wazzup WazzupQTV, and CNN Philippines.[2]

In 2006, he became a DJ for Magic 89.9. He joined Tony Toni and Slick Rick in Boys' Night Out, taking the place of King DJ Logan.[8][9] Shivaker, Sam YG's alter ego, first appeared in Boys' Night Out. Shivaker was an Indian love guru who wore a turban and spoke with a thick Indian accent. In 2009, Shivaker had his first television appearance in Cool Center as a relationship expert.[3][9][10] In August 2009, Shivaker and Tony Toni appeared as contestants in the Eat Bulaga! segment, "Pinoy Henyo". The studio audience were so fascinated with Shivaker that he was invited to be a host of Eat Bulaga!;[3] he also became a host of Diz Iz It!.[11] In July 2015, he was featured on the cover of Men's Health Philippines.[12] In January 2016, after the last segment Dancing in Tandem replacing ATM with the Baes, Sam YG departed Eat Bulaga! to focus on his career as a DJ.

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