In Stop My Hirap, one lucky studio audience member gets to win a cash prize each day. The segment is sponsored by politician Manny Villar as part of his political campaign for the Philippine presidential election in 2010. The segment is notable for its orange color, the campaign color of Manny Villar.

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Manny Villar

Before the start of the show, the live audience of Eat Bulaga! is asked to complete the phrase "Nais ko..." on an orange paper what they would do if they won ₱25,000. Before picking a lucky contestant, the hosts led members of the audience to dance to a pro-Villar music that was composed by Michael V.

The hosts draw one paper from the fish bowl to pick one lucky audience member who will get to win cash prize. Using an orange electronic wheel, the lucky contestant spins the wheel that contains cash prizes up to ₱25,000 and grocery showcase.

After the game show, a document on Villar's ascendance from poverty is aired on TV.

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